Steel wire mesh welding machine application


Features Steel wire mesh welding machine is:
1, the diameter of the wire is adjustable weft pitch is controlled by computer random variable and so on.
2, the unit is designed detachable structure, easy adjustment and maintenance specifications.
3, transformers, upper and lower electrodes, such as welding systems using water-cooled, unit reliably continuous work.
4, welding uniform pressure to ensure that all the solder joint quality.
5, steel mesh welded mesh welding machine mesh formation, diagonal error is small.
The upper electrode using cylinder pressure or mechanical pressure, pressure adjustment convenient, accurate;
One can even complete a number of welding joints;
The pressure head can be adjusted and increased rate of decline, easing pressure on the workpiece impact, but also reduce noise;
Using the upper secondary conductor insulation way, stable insulation performance, and reliable;
Main circuit using high-power thyristors, power output strong, stable, and reliability;
Operating control by PLC program control, with high productivity, low labor intensity;
Applicable welding ribbed steel mesh, steel mesh plate round.
Usage: Steel wire mesh welding machine used to welding fence, steel mesh construction, mining support mesh nets