mesh welding machine wiki

Mesh welding machine is mainly used for various types of wire welding molding equipment.
Usage: welding assembly suitable electrode form and electrode material, widely used highway fence, building special mesh, prefabricated construction, roadway net mesh of iron ore,coal mine,gold mine.
Welding principle: resistance welding (resistance welding machine) is to be pressed between two electrodes, welders and subjected to electric current, generated by the current flowing through the contact with the workpiece surface and adjacent areas of resistance to thermal effects or heated to melt the plastic state so that a method of forming a metal binding.
Resistance welding machine welding methods are namely spot welding, seam welding, projection welding, welding.
Belonging to one of the row welder spot welding, since the welding electrode is a block electrode, and the upper and lower electrodes for the plane contact, to a welding point or more in a row and its name, such machines are generally not mobile, can move the workpiece welding. Special specifications can be customized.

Features: the use of the pressure applied on the electrodes, convenient, accurate pressure adjustment;

One can even complete a number of welding joints;

The pressure head can be adjusted rate of decline and rise, easing pressure on the workpiece impact, but also reduce noise;

The use of the upper secondary conductor insulation way, stable insulation performance, reliable;

Main circuit using high-power thyristors, power output strong, stable and reliability;

Operation is controlled by a foot switch, with high productivity, low labor intensity;

Suitable metal mesh welding